06 March 2012

Meet Me on Monday by Acting Balanced

Acting Balanced

This week's questions:

1. What is on your bedside table?

I don't have a bedside table, but on the dresser are several CDs.

2. Hardback, Paperback or E-Reader?

I prefer hardbacks, but paperbacks are OK. I have used my husband's Kindle, but I really prefer the feel of a real book.

3. What is your 'go to' drink of choice?

Diet Coke!

4. How do you like to spend your birthday?

I like to have a nice dinner and my cake of choice is a Black Forest Cake. A ride in the country would be nice, too.

5. Finish this sentence - I would never be caught dead in ...

A coffin? Oh, yeah, I'm supposed to be dead in one of those...just not any time soon. :) OK, how about tight leather pants in Gulf Coast Texas when it is 110 degrees outside?

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