04 February 2012

Saturday 9

Saturday 9's questions this week are as follows:

1. I read that Bud Weiser & Kathy moved into their new house! When was the last time you moved? Where to?

The last time that we moved was in September 2004. We moved from the upstate of South Carolina to the Texas Gulf Coast. This was the biggest move that either of us have ever made, both as children with our parents and as adults. All of my previous moves were usually various places still in Anderson County, South Carolina (and one time to Greenwood County, SC). David was from Atlanta, Georgia and moved to South Carolina as a little boy.

2. If they were making a Hall of Fame for the blogosphere, name a blogger or two who you think should make the list. Why?

There are so many great ones out there, I can't pin it down to one or two!

3. What are couple of funny things you remember your parents saying? (Like, “They're starving there in China, so finish what you've got.” - John Lennon) Do you say them to your kids?

I can't remember anything funny that my parents said when I was young. We did have laughter in our home and tickling was a big feature, but I can't remember any funny sayings.

4. What is something that has happened to you that you would consider a miracle?

The fact that I am still alive to be typing a response here is a miracle. In May 2010, I laid down fully prepared to die, knowing it was imminent. I couldn't move, could barely breathe and couldn't speak above a whisper. My husband was having to ice me down, going through many pounds of ice a day. It wasn't due to hot flashes (though those were happening, too). Somehow the ice was helping me to breathe. I closed my eyes and felt myself leaving this life and, then, heard my aunt telling me that it wasn't my time to go to Heaven yet. I was diagnosed with severe anemia and the tumors were found. I wasn't able to get surgery to remove the tumors until October 2010, but they were removed and declared non-cancerous. Although I have mostly recovered, I am much weaker than I was before the anemia took over and am wondering if I will ever be strong again.

5. What is it too late for?

It is too late for listening to the stories of my grandparents, the ones they were so eager to tell when I was young and I was too fidgety to truly listen to. It is too late to ask them how they met and where they got married. It is too late to ask them the things that I'm only learning now that I should have asked. It is too late do a lot of things.

6. What do you try to stay away from?

I try to stay away from things that are going to cause arguments. Somehow those things always find me.

7. When you get into a disagreement or fight, how often are you the first to apologize?

If I feel that I am in the wrong, I will apologize. Generally, I don't feel like I am wrong about whatever the situation is, though. If I did, there wouldn't be an argument in the first place.

8. Tell us about a current issue that you’re unhappy with.

I am unhappy with our current financial status and my memory issues.

9. How often do you update your blog/site and why?

My goal is to update my blogs every day. I'm doing good these days if I get it done a couple of times a week. I enjoy blogging, but I have a very hard time coming up with things to write. As I wait to get my brain back, the memes are a big help.

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