08 August 2011

Work. Wait! No, Don't!

That is how our day went today.

We left the house with seven jobs lined up. The first two went without any real hitches. Then comes number three. We get to the store and they do not have the display that we were to program. OK, so on to the next job. They only had one of the items in the line that we were to price on the sales floor and none in back-stock. So, it took all of two seconds to do that one. The next job had absolutely nothing in the line we were to reset and the store didn't even want the old line that they had, so no new order was made. The next two jobs went just fine, though the last one was in the complete opposite direction of the first six, which was fine by me because I like to ride through the country.

Although there were several glitches along the way, it was a really fun day. We passed acres and acres of cotton being harvested and trucked on down the road, saw lots more still in the fields, and something else growing that we couldn't identify due to the major glare of the sun, but it looked red.

It was a beautiful day!

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