07 May 2011

One-Minute Writer: Pain

The following writing prompt comes from The One-Minute Writer.

"Write about a situation in which pain is worthwhile."

We're supposed to set the timer for one minute and write.

Pain is worthwhile when it brings forth life and healing. The pain of the Crucifixion was worth it to Christ to bring us healing from sin and a new life in Him.

The pain of childbirth is another worthwhile pain. You get the beautiful blessing of a child on the other side of some grueling, sometimes intense, pain. It is worth it.

Please be sure to visit The One-Minute Writer and enjoy a new prompt each day.
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  1. Great response, Suzanne--I'm glad I've benefited from both of those types of pain!

  2. @C. Beth

    Thanks, Beth. I appreciate that very much. I am glad to have benefited from both, too. :)

  3. Well done! My new motto about pain is from the Mumford & Sons song, The Cave, the line goes, "And I'll find strength in pain." I try to, at least.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  4. Thanks, Miel. :) All we can do is try, right? :) Have a great weekend!


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