06 May 2011

Five Minute Friday: Guarantees

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This week's prompt is:

Motherhood Should Come With…

Motherhood should come with guarantees...

...that you'll never have to say good-bye, they will live long and healthy.
...that they will not have to say good-bye, you'll be able to watch them grow to families of their own.

It should come with guarantees: you birthed them, you raised them, you gave up your life for them, and they always love you in return, or at least show you respect, but love is preferred if there has to be a choice!

It should mean white picket fences, rose gardens and daisies. Barbed wire fences and acres to run in. Happy houses with happy children. Lazy Saturdays and blessed Sundays.

It should mean that all that was will continue to be, they were, so we are, and our babies continue the line. Without a break, no missing branches in the family tree.

It should come with the guarantee that life goes on, will go on.

But, it doesn't and we'll only have a life of no more tears on the other side, in Heaven, as mothers in the presence of the Father, where there are no more good-byes.

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  1. This is an inspired post! There should be guarantees. You really emoted well -- honestly, the facets of life and the parent/child relationship that everyone *should* get to experience. Great job!

  2. @Miel et Lait

    Thank you, Miel. :) I appreciate such positive feedback and am glad that you felt it was inspired. It definitely was from the heart and from experience. Thank you so much!

    Have a wonderful Mother's Day. :)


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