06 September 2011

Waiting on the Fire

I went to bed last night thinking things were OK, that the wildfires were far, far away, at the border of Texas and Oklahoma. I went out today to a very hazy day which isn't typical. They sky had a dirty, sunset-like glow.

I decided that maybe it was about time I read one of the articles that I had been apprehensive about reading...They are always full of sad news. This time was no different. A young mother and her 18 month old baby were killed and a 51 year old 20-year fireman was felled by the smoke and consumed by the fire. What an awful way to die. :(

The other unpleasantness was that I found out the haze here is due to the fires there and "there" is much closer than I had realized. The closest fire appears to be about 40 or so miles from our town. Thankfully, today has been nowhere near as windy as yesterday was.

There's been no real rain here in our county for months. Even the thought of striking a match could cause a fire; that's how dry it is here. Going over the river bridges is like driving over a mountain pass. You're high up, but there's nothing down below, none of the wet stuff that is supposed to be down there housing the fish and alligators.

I read that all of Texas, with the exception of three counties, is under a burn ban and that land about the size of the state of Connecticut has burned already. Two thirds of one of the state parks has been toasted to a crisp.

Heaven help us all and may God bless Texas!

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