11 August 2011

Still Blocked

Grr! This is driving me mad. Not only can I not think of what to write on the blog, but I can't even put together the paper that is due for class this weekend. It is due by midnight Sunday and I can't even get beyond the thesis statement. Good grief!

On a positive note, I have completed all of the assignments in the E-Learning class and passed with an A. I have an A so far in Art Appreciation, but that could change when I take the final in two week. It will have over 200 questions and I'm wondering how that's going to go when I'm doing good to just remember the information for the 10-question quizzes!

On a not-so-good note, I will be withdrawing from this school at the end of this session due to a financial aid fiasco. This is it. This was the third strike and I'm out. I'm not going through the literal headache of it all again.  I'll find another way to learn what I want/need to learn to do what I want/need to do with my life. OK, daddy won't have a degreed child, but he will soon have a grandchild with a degree, so that works, right?

For the rest of you out there that have said you plan to go back to school, I'm rootin' for you and pray that all will go well for you with no glitches.

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