24 July 2011


I am so frustrated!  I could not get blogger to load the new post screen again for me yesterday when I was ready to make my post. I had to go out to get some things done, and by the time I remembered that I still needed to do my post, it was after midnight. So, my attempt to do at least one post a day, every day, on Random Thoughts was thwarted by faulty Blogger and faulty memory. There goes my NaBloPoMo for the month of July and right here in the final week, too. GRRR 
But, I posted every day for 113 days, so I guess I won't get in too big of a pout.
I am still not able to get into the New Post screen without the constantly spinning loading wheel. It won't let me type anything with that wheel spinning there in the text box. I sent the last post (and this one) via e-mail, but the button for Five Minute Friday didn't go through properly and I can't get in to fix the HTML so that the button will show properly.
I am contemplating taking this blog to another blog server if this keeps up.  If I do decide to make the move to another blog server, I hope that you all will follow me there!

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