27 June 2011

Meet Me on Monday


1. What is your favorite food?

Shrimp, definitely shrimp! I love it as cocktail shrimp, fried, popcorn, grilled; you name it, I love it.

2. What color scheme is your bedroom?

"Scheme" would be the word for it. haha There isn't one. It is a jumble of different colors and styles in here. That will change once I can afford to change it. I have a definite plan in mind. I saw a beautiful French Country bedroom on a blog a week or so ago and fell in love with it. I would like to try that here and maybe throughout the house, not just the bedroom.

3. Do you carry a donor card?

Back in South Carolina, it was marked on my driver's license that I wanted to be an organ donor. I am not sure if it is on the Texas DL or not. I don't have a special card for it, however.

4. In your opinion, is the glass half empty or half full?

Here lately, empty. Not half-empty, but completely empty. I look forward to full again some day.

5. Vanilla or Chocolate?

If I have to choose one over the other, I generally choose chocolate, but I actually like them swirled together.

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  1. I love shrimp in fettuccine!


  2. @JamericanSpice

    Yummy! I do, too. Do you use any particular sauce with it? I love it with Alfredo sauce.

    I can't think of any way that I *don't* like shrimp. haha

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Swirled is my perfect choice for non fat yogurt at costco. I always treat myself after I finish shopping.
    Hope your glass gets filled very soon.

  4. @Bella @Bellgetsreal

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, Bella. :)

    I've never had swirled yogurt before, but I bet that would be good, too.

    When I answered the question, I was fully in ice cream mode. Watching the kids at the CWS having a blast with their ice creams really woke up the ice cream craving in me. :)

    Thanks again for commenting and for following my blog. Have a wonderful night!


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