20 June 2011

Meet Me on Monday

Please join Java and the fun over at Never Growing Old!

Each week, five questions are shared to help us get to know each other better.


1. What feature of the opposite sex do you notice first?

I have always been an eye person, no matter the gender. Eyes are just something that I notice and I find them intriguing. I think the eyes can answer a lot of questions about a person.

2. Do you talk to yourself?

Sure, why not? At least I know that I'm listening and sometimes I'm the only one listening.

3. What is your current relationship status?

David and I have been married for almost 27 years. This August, we will celebrate 30 years of being a couple.

4. Do you have a garden?

No. I would love to have a huge garden, but with a tiny yard and no sunlight entering in AND a non-stop drought, there's just too much against even trying to have a garden right now.

5. What is your favorite licorice flavor?

BLECH! Licorice is icky, icky, icky!

Please join the fun and the linky at Java's Meet Me on Monday!


  1. I hope to be married for that long....bravo!! Stopping by from Meet Me On Monday!

  2. @Kiana

    Thanks, Kiana! I wish the best for your marriage, for a long and happy one. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I hope that you have a great day!


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