21 April 2011

Writer's Workshop Thursday: Learn It Now!

Come join the fun at Writer's Workshop Thursday! Each week, we're given five prompts to choose from and write about on our own blogs, share our blog post link back with Mama Kat, and visit the blogs of our link neighbors. It is lots of fun. :)
The prompt that I chose this week is:

"Something students these days should know."

Yes! It applies somewhere in your life. Pay attention and learn it now, so that you don't wake up someday down the road, thirty years from now, thinking, "Oh yeah! This is what that was for!", having no clue how to do it. Avoid having to teach an old dog new tricks. Learn it as a pup!

Don't drink. For one thing, it is against the law. If you're still in high school, you're underage and have no business drinking in the first place. And if you do drink anyway, love yourself and your parents and friends enough not to drive. Yes, that could be YOUR Mustang smashed to pieces and YOUR blood splattered all over Main Street on the 11 o'clock news and YOUR obituary in the Sunday paper.

Don't worry about the jerks that are always teasing you. Practice and resuscitate Annie. It could be your child some day.

Don't say stupid stuff. It WILL come back to haunt you. And if you do say something stupid, apologize for it right away, to the person that you hurt with your comment. Don't dawdle assuming that everything is OK on the other end. It isn't.

Wait. Those five minutes of heaven in the backseat could cost you a lifetime of hell...and regret. Sometimes the regret is the worst of the two. Let your first time be your *last* first time. Make it for life.

OK, now it's your turn!

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  1. Those are some good tips : ) I wish I could stop saying stupid stuff. I am 34 and I still do it. DARN IT! : )

  2. Thanks. Some of them have been learned the hard way. I have my "stupid stuff" moments still, too, and I'm 45 years old. haha

  3. I wish there was an extra class that taught those very things, including exact usage of birth-control and financial responsibility.

  4. All good tips...and a shame many of us learn them the "hard" way :-)

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's...

  5. Amanda, I agree. I think there should be a lot more responsibility taught and expected.

  6. Thanks, Leslie. For some of us, I guess, the hard way is the only way we'll ever learn anything.


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