03 April 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Join the fun on this scavenger hunt! Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Although I have taken photographs every day this week, I did not get all of the things on this week's list.

This week, we were to hunt for:

1. High Key

I had big plans for this one. I know what the term implies, but I was going to take the term literally. That did not work out for a variety of reasons. Oh well, maybe next time!

2. Bedroom

This is the drawer pull from the dresser that my parents bought when they were expecting me a little over 45 years ago. I did a vintage tint on it, pinkish for the baby girl the dresser was for, and painted back in the color of the wooden pull. This dresser was bare wood during my childhood. When my parents had occasion to be taking care of a few of their grandchildren upon the death of their mother, my daddy painted the dresser. The dresser is still the off-white that he painted it, but the gold paint has worn off of the drawer pulls. I hope to totally restore this dresser some day. Unfortunately, the movers demolished the mirror that was originally with it. :(

3. Something Tiny

We went for a drive in the country a few days ago, looking for flowers to photograph and to just enjoy some time together as a couple. There were several Indian Paintbrushes on the side of the road so I stopped to get a few shots. While crouching down, hoping not to get chomped by a snake or worse, I spotted these little flowers. I do not know what they are called, but I call them pretty.

4. Off in the Distance

While we were stopped in Bear Bottom taking the photographs of the wildflowers, I tried to take a distance shot of the cows that were there. They were just a bit too far in the distance to show up in the lens. So, I decided to take a shot of the road. There are many such tire-popping roads here in Texas.

5. Stripes

Ok, so technically it is plaid, but what are plaids made of? Stripes, and lots of them. This is one of my husband's neckties and I love the purple color. It looks great with pink and my husband looks great in pink. :)

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  1. So glad you joined - I really like your off in the distance shot.

  2. Love your bedroom and distance shot. The two of them together are really cool b/c one is so macro and other other gives such a sense of space. I read your comment on my blog and chuckled b/c I also thought of photographing a key - we hang the one to our wine crawl space up fairly high. I was going to lay on the ground and photograph, but I was happy enough with the hawk picture.

  3. Your distance shot is really pretty! I like it a lot!

  4. Pretty little flowers; and I like your off in the distance shot ~ great interpretations!

  5. Thank you, Ashley, Rinda, Toni, Jackie, and Christina!

    Rinda, great minds think alike. haha I think that your hawk picture was a cool idea. :)


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