05 April 2011

Project Life Tuesday

Here is my submission of the week for Project Life Tuesday, which I found on The Mom Creative blog. It is a journey to chronicle our lives in pictures. What fun!

Knot, 30 March 2011

I had been working on a photoshoot of my husband's old Canon AE-1 film camera, and the many knots on our neighbor's privacy fence caught my eye. So, I decided to photograph the knots. There were many different shapes represented on that fence, no two exactly alike.

White Flowers, 31 March 2011

Technically, these flowers are some sort of weed, but I think that they are really pretty.

Jules, 1 April 2011 April Fool's Day!

This is our cat Jules. She is getting ready to have her first litter, although she is still looking pretty skinny. If only I could have been so lucky! I couldn't resist hyper-saturating her eyes for this day of fun.

Pink, 2 April 2011 Happy birthday, Grandma!

Pink is one of my favorite colors, so it only seemed logical while I was looking for textures to photograph that I would find something pink. What better day to do that than Grandma's birthday. :)

Mixed Flowers, 3 April 2011

While on our way back towards home from a marathon day of playing work-a-holics, we saw a beautiful little chapel and garden that belonged to the Catholic church in the town we were in. There were roses and bluebonnets everywhere. Of course, I had to pull over. I had to fight the wind to get any pics, so they aren't as sharp as I would like. Maybe next time.

Barn, 4 April 2011

We were out looking for yellow flowers (that I think are called Black-eyed Susans) that we had seen as we were driving through a construction zone. I couldn't stop to photograph them when we first saw them because there was no shoulder of the road to pull onto and I figured SD wasn't quite ready to tangle with a steamroller. So, we went back, David, little girl, SD, and me. After trying to shoot the flowers, I turned to head back to the car and spotted the barn across the street with the sunsetting behind it. Although the sky was blown, the barn had a dreamy feel about it.

Lazo, 5 April 2011

Our oldest son is getting married soon. My main project over the last week has been to work on the lasso/lazo for the wedding. His bride-to-be is a sweet Mexican girl. They are doing a traditional Mexican wedding and part of the ceremony is the wearing of a lazo (lasso). The bride and the groom each wear a loop across their shoulders, joined in the middle by a central motif. The bride loves butterflies and I have found glass butterfly beads to include in the central motif. We are of Irish descent and I wanted to include my son's heritage in the lasso as well. I made Irish roses in thread crochet. I hope that his bride likes it! I should have it completed and on the way to her by Thursday.

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